NZ Association for Gifted Children - Whānau Stories

We invite our community's parents to contribute to our Words of Wisdom for Parents and Whānau of Gifted and Twice Exceptional Children, an NZAGC initiative to celebrate Gifted Awareness Week (12-18 June 2023).


As parents of gifted children we often think our own lives are in isolation to others, yet there will be many parallels and many seminaries and it’s great to hear the thoughts of others and smile, laugh or nod your head. So by wisdom, we mean words of lived experiences, advice you’d like to share with others.


Please share your 'words of wisdom' in the form below.


Information shared may be used as follows:

  • On NZAGC's social media and websites (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Primarily as part of sharing the diverse faces of giftedness , Gifted Awareness Week 2023.
  • As a booklet compliled to be shared with whānau.
  • In future advocacy papers and communications by the NZAGC.

Please email Deb Walker on if you have any questions.

Whanau Stories 2023
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